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2018 Columbus Ohio RV and BOAT Show    ||    Wednesday, September 2, 2009 - 10:30pm    ||    Total views: 1,967


The 2018 Show is already scheduled !

Put your fishing hat on and join us at next year's RV and Boat show!
There will be lots of boats and the newest marine equipment to have a look at. Maybe you are in need of a new boat with a more efficient engine... we can help you find the right one for your usage. And remember, you can always get a great deal on a boat or outboard motor at the show ! We have been at the show for many years and it is a good time. As your local HONDA Marine Outboatd dealer, we have your back when it comes to your outboard repowering needs.

Hope to see you there..   Columbus Fairgrounds..    Jan. 5 2018   to Jan. 14 2018

Have a look at the Ohio RV & Boat Show Website


Here we go again    ||    Tuesday, March 10, 2009 - 7:49pm    ||    Total views: 1,284


The Division of Watercraft is not a suitable or appropriate agency in which to place the administration and funding of the Scenic Rivers program.


Boat Ohio Foundation aka

Boating Associations of   --Web Link--

1269 Bassett Road –---  Westlake, OH 44145  ----   440-899-5009

What all Ohio Boaters & all Concerned about River Preservation Should Know

(Ref. H.B. #1) The proposed transfer by ODNR of the Scenic Rivers program from the Division of Natural Areas & Preserves to the Ohio Division of Watercraft should NOT be approved by the General Assembly:

  1. This proposal assumes that, because the Scenic Rivers program deals with rivers & streams, it’s a natural fit in the Division of Watercraft. It is not! This assumption is wrong for the following reasons:

  • The Division of Watercraft was created to administer and enforce laws regarding the identification, numbering, titling, use and operations of all watercraft ON Ohio’s waters and inform citizens about navigation, boating safety and conservation practices ON the waterways.

The Scenic Rivers program is an excellent preservation program focused on the acquisition, administration and maintenance of land areas and reforestation along with studies of stream biota, flora and fauna education.

  • The Division of Watercraft is a model user-pay, user-benefit program funded solely through the Waterways Safety Fund by boat registrations, boat gas tax revenue and federal boating safety grants. It receives no General Revenue Funds GRF).

The Scenic Rivers program is currently and correctly funded by the GRF because stream and adjacent land preservation is a general benefit to all Ohioans. Transferring Scenic Rivers to the Division of Watercraft will, in effect, single out Ohio’s boating families to pay for an unrelated program just to reduce the GRF budget.

  • The Division of Watercraft has told boating organizations that, if transferred, the Scenic Rivers program will be reconfigured into a “boating program.” This will include more access sites and the development of picnic areas and more landings which boaters are expected to demand since they’ll be paying for the program.

The Scenic Rivers program is not about boating and never has been. It is about preserving and restoring. In many respects these are opposites – one wanting more access and activity while the other supporting limited use to preserve natural quality.

  • The Division of Watercraft does not own, control or have maintenance responsibilities for any land areas, natural preserves or conservation easements. Its charge is law enforcement and safety on Ohio’s navigable waterways.

The Scenic Rivers program currently has responsibilities for nearly 5000 acres of forested property, land buffer real estate and conservation easements. While all lands are owned by ODNR, the administrative responsibilities for these lands are placed in the various Divisions. Accordingly, the administration, acquisition and maintenance responsibilities for large Scenic Rivers land areas has never been, nor should it be, in the scope of the Division of Watercraft’s administration, its officers or its operations.

  • The Division of Watercraft is an advocate for and charged with responsibilities for increasing waterways access and has an active facilities grant program from the Waterways Safety Fund to accomplish more access. Access is among the highest priorities in Watercraft’s Strategic Plan.

The Scenic Rivers program is a successful preservation program that historically advocates restricted uses, limited access and deals with land-use conflicts on adjacent real estate to maintain or improve natural qualities in the area.

The Scenic Rivers program is a valuable program. It should properly continue to be funded by the GRF in the Division of Natural Areas & Preserves. If an alternative is necessary, Scenic Rivers is far more attuned to other ODNR Divisions including: The Division of Soil & Water Conservation which already provides conservation assistance on more than 20 million acres and 40 watershed action plans; The Division of Forestry which already manages199,000 acres in 20 state forests; or The Division of Wildlife which already manages over three-quarters of a million acres of lands throughout the state, and is also concerned with stream biota and fish populations.


The Division of Watercraft is not a suitable or appropriate agency in which to place the administration and funding of the Scenic Rivers program.



New Community web site for the Buckeye Lake Region    ||    Monday, February 23, 2009 - 7:14am    ||    Total views: 1,006


Every once in while I find a good web site to talk about, I have found another great little spot on the web. The Buckeye Lake Area Community Web Site, a really neat idea and a feature filled web site to boot. If it's on the water or anywhere close to the water, you will find it on

You owe it to yourself to stop in there for a visit and spend some time looking through the site. They have just about anything you might need to know about Buckeye Lake. A real nice map, a place to post your events, videos, blogs, forums, local news, lake area web links, classifieds, business directory and more....

And while your there, you will see that I have some boats for sale in the classifieds.. why not.. it's free for anyone in this area to use. In fact the web site has memberships available for free. Anyone in the lake area can have a blog and lots of other neat stuff like a user page to do with what you want.

The site administrator is always adding more features to the site for everyone to use and enjoy. Help from the admin is just a contact away for useing the site, posting graphics or anything you might need. He has 20 or more themes you can choose from to see the site how you like it, very neat and fun too.

Have a look at, you should find it interesting.




Great News this Month !    ||    Tuesday, January 27, 2009 - 3:39am    ||    Total views: 1,119

The boat show is over, thanks to everyone that stopped by to visit us !
  We have been real busy getting our new location ready for the upcoming boating season.

We are set up and everything is going very smooth as far as moving goes. The new secure storage yard is all ready for boats and the busy springtime rush. Inside the building we are working on a much better arrangement for the ships store. You will be able to find everything you need much easier now, stop in to find the supplies you will need for the upcoming season. The service department has a new set up as well. Our wish is that you will be better served as a result of this new location and all that it has to offer.
We are here to offer the VERY BEST Boat Service in Columbus, Ohio!!

The thanks goes out to all our great customers !


Changes coming to Bexley Marine    ||    Friday, October 10, 2008 - 1:10pm    ||    Total views: 1,238


After long thought about the idea of downsizing, I have decided to go ahead with it for many reasons. For one, the building we use for service and sales is outdated and not very energy efficient. It would be far better to have a newer building than to rebuild or refurbish the current one. The storage yard is not without it's problems as well. The buildings are having some issues and I really think we can be more efficient with a smaller area.

This is a big deal--- have you ever tried to just pickup and move a marina? It is a lot of work, to say the least.
My wish is that our customers will be better served in the new location.

You might be wondering where the new location is and how far away from where we were it will be..
Relax, It's just One (1) Block East  from our old facility.
The new address is 6800 Kilowatt Circle, Blacklick, Ohio 43004
We will have the same phone numbers.
Some of you have said the web site is out of date, so we are working on this new one. 
We want to be the VERY BEST Boat Service Center in Columbus, Ohio



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